Outline of Services Provided at Tapp Medical

We offer services by appointment but always do our very best to accommodate same-day visits when minor emergencies arise. Our medical staff is prepared and equipped to care for the usual illnesses treated in a family physicians office as well as most minor, non life threatening conditions seen in hospital emergency rooms. We provide prompt care in handling minor emergencies, including injuries, wound care, lacerations, sprains, minor broken bones and infections.

  • Nutritional Counseling and Obesity Prevention
  • Sports Physicals
  • Adult Preventive Health
    • Women’s Health
      • Complete Physicals Including Breast and Pelvic Exams
      • Family Planning and Contraception
      • Diet and Exercise Programs
      • Smoking Cessation Programs
      • Cardiac Risk Assessment and Reduction
      • Cancer Screening
    • Men’s Health
      • Complete Physicals Including Prostate Exams
      • Diet and Exercise Programs
      • Smoking Cessation Programs
      • Cardiac Risk Assessment and Reduction
      • Cancer Screening
  • Acute Illness
    • Same Day Appointments
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Physical and Mental Conditions
    • Most medical problems can be diagnosed and treated by Dr. Tapp.
    • Some conditions may require a referral to a specialist for diagnosis or treatment. Depending on the situation, this may be a one-time referral for a particular diagnostic test or treatment, or it may be an ongoing referral for management of a complicated or unusual condition. Each situation is different, and your preferences will be major factors in when and where you will be referred.
  • EKG’s, when needed, may be performed in our office.
  • Blood and Urine samples, when needed, may be collected at our office or at an independent lab.
  • Mammography tests, when needed, will be obtained at an independent Radiology office.

Please take a moment and review the following comprehensive list of services we provide.
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 Osteoporosis - The Tapp Medical Clinic puts special emphasis on Osteoporosis because this disease affects more women than any other condition. Through Bone Densitometry Machine Data, you will keep up to date on your progress toward stronger bone structure.

 Metabolism/Obesity - Metabolic testing identifies your unique TARGET CALORIC ZONES so you can tip the scales losing weight without depriving yourself. A blending of lifestyle with moderate exercise will produce results keeping the weight off without a struggle.

 Thermage - Look and feel younger without major surgery. The Tapp Clinic is fully equipped with the most advanced Thermage Technology to accomplish your self-image goals without pain or long recovery periods. Reduce 'bat wings' under the arms, reduce abdomen (loose stomach skin), tighten buttocks and cellulite treatments. Face, eyes, hips and thighs are smoothed, tightened and contoured – faster and with little or no discomfort on your part. Payment plans are available.

 Diabetes - The silent killer does not need to be a part of your life. This disease can be controlled. The Tapp Clinic can show you ways to conquer this menace and live a normal, active life.

 Mental Health - Your mental attitudes are often directly related to your physical well being. When you feel good, your mental outlook takes on a positive aspect. Prove it to yourself by letting the Tapp Clinic show you how to overcome mental and physical stress while achieving a brighter future.

 Lipidology - The study of what makes living cells perform their tasks within the body is just beginning to be understood by men and women of medicine. Dr. John Tapp is recognized as being in the forefront of these studies and his research and findings are acknowledged around the world. Take advantage of his knowledge to increase your overall wellness and years of life.

 Preventive Medicine - The Tapp Clinic is proactive medicine.” The difference can be seen and understood by patients who are taking positive steps toward “wellness” before symptoms even become apparent. Technology along with medications exist today to prevent many of the illnesses that have plagued us in the past.

 Wellness - In the end, wellness is the goal of everyone who undergoes any type of treatment. Today, wellness can be achieved through the progress being made in technology, treatment, diet, exercise and mental attitude. In summation, wellness is at hand – let's use foresight to accept it.

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