Preventive Medicine

Tapp Medical Clinic is a unique healthcare practice which combines the best of conventional medicine with innovative complementary therapies. Integrative medicine is the term that best describes our approach. We emphasize health maintenance and disease prevention and use a personalized approach tailored to your physical, and emotional needs.

This type of comprehensive and ongoing personalized medicine Tapp Medical in the unique position to provide you with preventive medicine screenings in the form of routine healthcare to lifestyle intervention programs designed to address stress management, weight control, smoking and other lifestyle-driven Issues.

Tapp Medical is bringing all the benefits of modern medicine to the clinical practice, including advanced technologies for faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment, access to the latest clinical trials and discoveries, and groundbreaking healthcare based on proven research. We are transforming the future of healthcare through the delivery of personalized medicine to treat and ultimately prevent disease.

  Family Care Medicine

This specialty, also called family practice, provides ongoing, comprehensive healthcare for individuals and families from childhood through the golden years. Family medicine is a unique medical specialty because it addresses the widest variety of health situations. Family practitioners perform routine physicals to verify that you are in good health, diagnose and treat you when you have the flu or a muscle sprain, and provide you with treatment options that help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes.

Family practitioners are usually your first point of contact with the medical system. They provide referrals to other specialties when necessary, but most diagnosis and treatment begins with your family practitioner. As a result, your family practitioner gets to know you, your overall health status, your lifestyle, and your family members fairly well.

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