EPS8000™ Electrical Stimulation System

The history and origin of electrostimulation, also commonly referred to as electrotherapy, is unique but not new. Electrotherapy originates as early as 400 BC from contact with the torpedo fish, which could produce electric shocks between 100 and 150 volts. Taken live from lakes and streams and placed on a painful area of the body, the torpedo fish produced a series of electric shocks that reduced and controlled pain. In the mid 1700s the development of the Leyden Jar, which is a predecessor to the battery, provided the capacity to store electricity. As a result, physicians had more control over where, when, and how much current could be applied for therapeutic use. The advancement of the battery in the 1800s further developed electrotherapy, and in the latter half of the nineteenth century most physicians in America possessed at least one electrical stimulator.

Clinicians actually used electrostimulation over 150 years ago to treat nonunion bone fractures. Electomedicine and nutrition, abandoned early in this century, have been recently revived. Many physicians are still unaware of their therapeutic benefits. Electrotherapy, especially micro current electrical therapy (MET) is useful for a variety of clinical conditions. Indeed, it may be the best treatment for many pain-related disorders, providing fast relief of symptoms and quickly promoting healing. It has significantly less side effects than drugs in chronic conditions. The more advanced electrical stimulation devices can often demonstrate effectiveness with a simple two minute office procedure, allowing validity to be quickly assessed.

The new EPS8000™ Electrical Stimulation System stimulates peripheral nerves for the purpose of providing pain relief and stimulates motor nerves for the purpose of muscle rehabilitation. It provides electrical stimulation featuring Direct Digital Synthesis. What is D.D.S. you may ask? D.D.S. technology is a fully-digital method for generating higher-resolution, smoother-feeling sine waves. Up to 10,000Hz to be exact. And the best thing about it is that D.D.S. waveform generation GUARANTEES smooth delivery of stimulation!

The EPS8000™ aids pain clinics, medical doctors, chiropractors, podiatrist and other medical practices. The technology is FDA approved and CPT codes are available for insurance. The device is a patient-friendly non invasive electrical stimulation device. Treatments typically last 5 to 20 minutes, but vary based on the treatment.

Electric nerve block therapy has been shown to potentially help patients suffering with sciatic nerve related pain. An electrical stimulation can be used for various types of edema reduction. Traumatic edema resulting from the disruption of blood vessels often accompanies musculoskeletal injuries such as acute strains and sprains. There is also an ample body of evidence supporting the use of electric stimulation for wound healing. Electrical stimulation affects each phase of wound healing differently, beginning with the inflammatory phase that initiates the wound repair process. In this phase, increasing blood flow can help in the removal of debris by way of phagocytosis; in addition, by increasing blood flow, electrical stimulation enhances tissue oxygenation.

This means that electrical stimulation therapy can potentially alleviate pain and help patients with their rehabilitation process. As recommended adjuctive therapy to spinal decompression, EPS8000™ technology significantly reduces a patient perception of pain during their healing process.

When this electrical stimulation system is applied to the soft tissues of an extremity, the system provides the force to induce ion movement into the tissues and create an action potential. At the positive electrode (anode), positive ions are repelled and negative ions are attracted. At the negative electrode (cathode), the negative ions are repelled and positive ions are attracted. As the charged ions move across the nerve-fiber membranes beneath the anode and cathode, membrane depolarization occurs.

General applications include: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hand Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatic Pain, Shoulder Pain, Ankle Pain, Wrist Pain, Acute/Chronic Pain, foot Pain, Muscle Spasm, Post-Op Pain. For adjunctive treatment of post-traumatic pain syndromes. The EPS8000™ is used for the management of symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain and inflamation. It can increase local blood circulation, as well as provide muscle re-education while maintaining or increasing range of motion.
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