CardioCoach from Korr Medical Technologies

The CardioCoach from Korr Medical Technologies delivers simple and accurate fitness testing. It measures key data including peak VO2, anaerobic threshold, and the precise amount of calories burned at all exercise heart rate levels. This data can be used as the foundation for customized exercise programs that truly meet the needs of the individual. One session with the CardioCoach empowers clients with the ability to meet their fitness goals efficiently and safely with no unnecessary fatigue or wasted time.

CardioCoach testing provides a unique profile of a client's exercise status. Measurement of VO2 max or Peak VO2 will provide a true assessment of fitness level. It is the maximum amount of oxygen consumed by your body during exercise. VO2 max is considered by exercise physiologists to be the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness. A personalized exercise regimen based on true VO2 max is essential to optimum cardio training.

A VO2 test will also reveal the anaerobic threshold. The anaerobic threshold is the level of exercise intensity beyond which the body can no longer provide adequate oxygen to the muscles. It is the vital piece of information your coach needs to design any exercise program, be it interval training, circuit training, endurance conditioning, or fat burning. Anaerobic threshold is critical to selection of a Target Heart Rate. Exercise below the anaerobic threshold should be comfortable even though the exercise extends for long periods. Exercise above the anaerobic threshold will improve cardiovascular fitness, but will also cause discomfort, fatigue, and muscle soreness.

Exercising at the right target heart rate will allow you to go farther and longer than you ever have before, improving fitness and optimizing performance. In addition, by measuring oxygen uptake, the CardioCoach is able to calculate the number of calories burned at each level of exercise. These are real measurements, not just estimates based on averages. What does this mean for you? Obviously, it gives athelets and regular clients the data needed to be at the top of their game.

As fitness improves, repeated testing monitors progress, enabling the Tapp Medical Assistant to effectively advance the rate and intensity of each client's program. You can test and retest as you strive to beat your best and give yourself that needed "edge." VO2 testing can actually be even more valuable for the deconditioned athlete. With fewer injuries, less fatigue, less pain, and a way to truly judge your progress, even the most out of shape athlete will see results. This time it won't be so hard. This time you will have what it takes to go the distance.

Knowing the unique anaerobic threshold can be used to design a workout plan that will improve fitness and maximize calories burned. Measurement of VO2max or Peak VO2 will provide a true assessment of fitness level. The CardioCoach test will provide all of this data that is vital to proper fitness training. In addition, a CardioCoach test will also measure how many calories are burned during a workout at every exercise heart rate level. This information, along with a heart rate monitor, or a heart rate equipped bike or treadmill, can be used to calculate the precise amount of calories burned during a workout.

How does CardioCoach measure metabolic rate?

Your body consumes a fixed amount of oxygen per calorie burned. CardioCoach measures the amount of oxygen in the air you exhale to calculate how much oxygen your body is consuming. Based on your oxygen consumption, CardioCoach then figures the exact amount of calories you are burning at each level of exercise.

What is anaerobic threshold?

Anaerobic threshold is the point at which your body switches from burning primarily fat stores to using the quick energy your muscles have stored. This is frequently referred to as your target heart rate. Exercising at or below you anaerobic threshold allows you to exercise for longer periods with less fatigue and discomfort, while maximizing your fat burning.

Don’t the charts at the gym tell me my target heart rate?

Charts are merely averages of people that are the same age and weight. Studies show that these can be wrong for any given individual by 40-50%! The only way to know your true target heart rate is to measure how much oxygen your body is using as you increase the intensity of your workout. This is precisely the information that CardioCoach gives you!

What is the Lactate Threshold

A VO2 test will also show the Lactate Threshold (L.T). Briefly, the L.T is the level of exercise intensity beyond which the body can no longer provide adequate oxygen to the muscles, and at which point the blood lactate is no longer buffered sufficiently. Knowing the unique L.T is valuable information, as you can start to train at L.T point to improve your L.T level. With correct and dedicated training, your body will develop a higher threshold for the Lactate build up. The test will provide the data that is vital to training smarter and efficiently.
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